So Proud Of Our Niece!



Madison Keller Selected as National Youth Delegate For Prestigious Conference at George Mason University / Student Leaders to travel to Washington D.C. for highly-selective environment forum


Madison Keller, a student at Cathedral High School, has been selected to represent Fishers, Indiana as a National Youth Delegate to the 2019 Washington Youth Summit on the Environment at George Mason University.

Keller joins a select group of 300 students from across the country to participate in an intensive, week-long study of leadership in environmental science and conservation. Keller was chosen based on academic accomplishments and a demonstrated interest and excellence in leadership in the sciences and conservation studies.

George Mason University along with partners, National Geographic and the National Zoo are excited to welcome the nation’s young scholars to Washington, D.C. With distinguished faculty, guest speakers, and direct access to elite D.C. practitioners, the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment offers aspiring environmentalists and student leaders an unparalleled experience. The week-long program is held at George Mason University’s state-of-the-art campus. The Summit will encourage and inspire young leaders who desire a unique experience focused on successful careers in this dynamic industry.

The Washington Youth Summit on the Environment will be held June 23 to 28, 2019.

About George Mason University

George Mason University is setting the gold standard for the modern, public university. Its dynamic culture and innovative academic programs prepare Mason’s hard-working students for 21st century careers. Its commitment to teaching excellence combines with cutting-edge research that enriches the academic experience and is changing the world. Mason is affordable, yet offers high value. Ideally located in the National Capital region, students enjoy terrific cultural experiences and access to the most sought-after internships and employers in the country.

About the 2019 Washington Youth Summit on the Environment

The Washington Youth Summit on the Environment (WYSE) is a unique student leadership conference designed to develop and encourage future leaders in the important field of environmental studies and conservation in the 21st century. The Advisory Board is chaired by Mark Bauman, Senior Vice President of the Smithsonian Institution’s Enterprises Division. Additional members include world renowned scholars, distinguished scientists and award winning university faculty, such as Dr. Tom Lovejoy, noted environmentalist and former executive vice president of the World Wildlife Fund. Delegates gain an insider look at environmental science, policy and conservation issues. For more information visit us online at

The Washington Youth Summit on the Environment | 4400 University Drive | MSN 3A4 | Fairfax, VA 22030

World Kindness Day – My Wife


Today is National World Kindness Day….

So I just want to send a SHOUT OUT to the love of my life…and my absolute best friend.

She is one of the kindest, most caring, compassionate persons I have ever known.  How I got lucky enough to snag her…I have no idea.

But she cares so much for EVERYONE and would literally give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.  (maybe not in public…but you know)

Anyway….RENE….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!   Thank you for being you!!!

Rene’s Driving…


So…one of the things that I hate the most about Menieres, is that I am no longer able to drive.  I LOVED TO DRIVE!  There were times that I was happy that I didn’t have to (usually when I was asleep) but for the most part…I wanted to do the driving.

Now, it was recently brought to my attention (from my Mom) that I should appreciate the fact that she and Rene are willing to drive me around…and that I should quit being a backseat driver.

And although this is true…there are stories folks!  Stories about her driving that would scare a ghost from haunting their own home.  And Rene would be the first to admit this.  Well…maybe second after me.  LOL  But I do appreciate the fact that she is willing to drive me everywhere…just like I know that she appreciates me being “The Automatic Warning System” in the car since we can’t afford a fancy one that is like a psychic robot on wheels.

Never-the-less…I came across the above photo…and it “spoke to me” in a way that just felt right!  Like I should post it!  Like I should take the chance of pissing off my wonderful wife who does everything for me. Because no matter what…I always speak the truth!  LOL

Catch You In The Backseat!




Now…I know that I snore….

But MAN….does René have a set of pipes on her when she is asleep!

And right now…she is using a CPAP machine…so I know that her snoring cannot be helped…So I do feel bad posting the above quote.

Yea….no I don’t!


Our Pineapple Dreams Come True

We have literally watched every episode of Psych….A MILLION times.  Maybe twice.  I’ve heard it both ways!  Both anyway…we are so freaking excited that they are coming out with a new Psych Christmas Movie!!  WHAAAAAAAT??  That’s right!  Now all we have to do is…..WAIT FOR IT………………………….


USA Network has released another Psych: The Movie promo to get you excited for the forthcoming reunion. Sure, it doesn’t reveal any new plot details, but who cares? The 1-minute teaser boasts that classic Shawn and Gus banter that we’ve all missed in the past three years.

In the spot, which was released last night, James Roday and Dulé Hill go back and forth about the particulars of the two-hour holiday movie: Shawn (Roday) claims it will be shown it theaters (it won’t be); Shawn says it’ll also be in 3D (false, again); and Shawn also declares that Brian Goosring, a.k.a. Ryan Gosling, guest-stars in it (alas, we wish). The most interesting thing about the promo, however, is that it Roday and Hill refer to each other by their characters’ names, which suggests that Shawn and Gus have become even more self-aware in the intervening years and now know that they’re characters on a TV show.

“Gus, don’t be fake news,” says Shawn after Gus shoots down his false facts.

In the end, our favorite sleuths reach a consensus on the following details: Psych: The Movie will air on USA Network, and not in 3D (thank god), this December.

CLICK HERE to watch the announcement!!