The Hu Hot Experience – By Scott

Hu Hot 4


Wednesday evening, Rene and I drove down to Bloomington to have dinner with Steve and Natalie.

We don’t get to spend too much time with them, so we thought it would be nice to just spend a little time together.

I had asked Steve where they wanted to meet, and although I was expecting some sort of Steak House answer to come out, he said the Hu Hot Mongolian Grill.

I immediately said yes, as I had always wanted to eat at a Mongolian Grill.

It was pretty cool….

As they state…first you create:  You get to fill a bowl with raw meat, veggies, seafood and other assorted goodies.  Then, they have a bar with about 20 different types of sauces to pour over it.  Then you carry your bowl over to the grill and watch the Grill Masters prepare your food!

Then you feast:  Once the Grill Masters are done, they put your food on a plate and then you head back to the table to chow down!  SOOOOOOOO Good!!!

Lastly….you repeat:  This is an ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurant!  After two bowls though…we were stuffed!

It was great food…but it was even better getting to spend some time with Steve and Natalie!  Hope we can do it again soon!!

Hu Hot 1

Hu Hot 2

Hu Hot 3


My BMV Experience – By René


I want to tell you about my BMV experience I had yesterday because….get this….it really made my day!

When I changed my name on my driver’s license, I neglected to change it on the car registration and title. Not sure why that didn’t occur to me at the time but oh well. I was starting to get worried when I didn’t receive anything in the mail about my plates especially after my sister Casey was talking about how much she just spent on their plates so I decided I better go to the license branch and get it all taken care of.

They are closed on Mondays and open late on Tuesday, so I figured Tuesday would be the day to go and I wouldn’t have to take off work. I was expecting this huge long wait when I got there but to my great surprise, when I clicked on the screen to get the next available ticket, I got 513. The screen also tells you what number is up and it was 512!!!  Not a long wait after all.

The lady at the number 1 station called me up and I can’t remember her name (if she told me), but wish I could so I could let them know that she was the friendliest, nicest person I have ever encountered at the BMV. She got my name changed on the car registration and title, gave me the temporary paper for my registration, took my payment and provided me the month and day sticker for my plates in about 10 minutes time! It was just a fabulous experience!!!

Scott’s Been Talking In His Sleep – By René



June 5, 2014

Last night while I sat on the couch watching some TV after an evening of fun (which included geocaching, shopping and dinner), Scott fell asleep. After a while he started talking about geocaching. Since I thought he was awake, I thought he was talking about what we had done that night, but quickly realized that he was actually still asleep. But that doesn’t stop him from talking! Sometimes he even answers me while he does this; so you can see why I would be confused as to whether he was awake or asleep!

Here is how our “conversation” went:


Scott – “Look at this cache container.”    (Said with much amazement!)

Me – “What is it?”

Scott – “An awesome cache container, do you see it? Look inside!”

Me – “What’s inside?”

Scott – “I don’t know but it’s just so awesome! It is just so awesome!!!”


And with that…he drifted back off to Dream World!

The Wedding Ring Blues – By Scott



The Wedding Ring Blues – By Scott


I woke up this morning    – De Da Da De Dum

And got out of the bed    – De Da Da De Dum

I don’t know what I was thinking    – De Da Da De Dum

I must have been out of my head    – De Da Da De Dum


I took myself a shower    – De Da Da De Dum

And even shaved too    – De Da Da De Dum

Then I put on my clothes    – De Da Da De Dum

Even my socks and my shoes    – De Da Da De Dum


But the one thing I forgot    – De Da Da De Dum

Is the most important thing    – De Da Da De Dum

I feel like such a louse    – De Da Da De Dum

For I forgot my….wedding ring…..


And I am singing…..The wedding ring blues…..

I feel I’m the worst husband ever….but I am destined to push through…

I guess gluing it to my hand….is something I can look into….

And I am singing…..the wedding ring blues!!!

Scott and René Booker

Us 1


We just wanted to post a picture of us so that you all know exactly who we are when you are reading our famous, glorious, hilarious, enthralling….yet humble…blog page!

This particular picture was taken shortly after our wedding!

Yup….you read the shirt right! But since René bought it for me….can you really say anything?  LOL

Man…I am the luckiest guy alive!!!  She makes damn good sandwiches!!

Have a Happy Day!