Scott’s Been Talking In His Sleep – By René



June 5, 2014

Last night while I sat on the couch watching some TV after an evening of fun (which included geocaching, shopping and dinner), Scott fell asleep. After a while he started talking about geocaching. Since I thought he was awake, I thought he was talking about what we had done that night, but quickly realized that he was actually still asleep. But that doesn’t stop him from talking! Sometimes he even answers me while he does this; so you can see why I would be confused as to whether he was awake or asleep!

Here is how our “conversation” went:


Scott – “Look at this cache container.”    (Said with much amazement!)

Me – “What is it?”

Scott – “An awesome cache container, do you see it? Look inside!”

Me – “What’s inside?”

Scott – “I don’t know but it’s just so awesome! It is just so awesome!!!”


And with that…he drifted back off to Dream World!


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