Road Rage – By Scott



So…this post started out as a complete and total bashing of an idiot that was following me this morning on my way to work.  His ridiculous driving almost made me wreck more than once.  Both of those times…he gesticulated wildly with his middle finger and I could see curse words flowing out of his mouth.  The second time this happened, his complaint seemed to be directed at the fact that I decided to stop at the red light instead of going through it causing him to almost plow right into me.

So….instead of telling the world what a complete JACKASS he was….I decided to take the high road.

But wouldn’t you know it….he was driving on that one too!!!!!


***I don’t suffer from Road Rage….I suffer from having to share the roads with idiots!!!***


Pam McCord – Rest In Peace – By René



My sister-in-law’s mother passed away on July 1st, 2014. She was only 69 years young.  She was a beautiful, nice, always friendly lady who I was able to get to know through my sister-in-law, Jennie.

Casey and I left at 9:00am on July 6th to drive to Barrington IL where the family would be holding the service for Pam. I was a little nervous since my mom had told me that there could be 500 people in attendance. Also because I am a sympathetic crier, I knew that I would just start crying when I saw others crying or when I saw Jennie and her siblings I would just cry for them.

When we arrived in town, we had some time to get ready and then we headed over to the church for the viewing. The viewing was from 2pm to 8pm.  First of all, if this was for one of my parents, I would have never lasted that long on my feet greeting people. That is a very long time for anyone. The first person we saw was Darren who looked exhausted and this was just the start of a very long day for them. Next we saw Madi who gave us huge hugs. I spotted Jennie out of the corner of my eye and started tearing up even though she was not. One by one we were hugged by Jennie, Sean and Morgan, Jamie, Shelby and Annie. They all seemed to be holding it together really well. I realize that people all grieve in their own ways but I was really surprised.

As the day went on mom, dad, Casey, Shannon, Steve and I kept to a corner of the room where the family knew if they needed a quick break, they could come sit with us for a bit. I noticed again that most of the family kept it together even when being hugged by those crying. They seemed really brave or maybe it was still so unreal to them and that got them through the day.

Darren told us we could leave around 7:30 and that he would meet up with us for a very late dinner. He came alone which I believe probably helped him since he could just relax and talk about whatever he wanted since no one was around to hear.

Monday, July 7th, they family held the service for Pam at the same church were the viewing took place. This was Pam’s church for many years. I walked in and already the tears started flowing and nothing was even happening yet. The church filled up quickly; I’m not sure of the count but probably close to 300. There was no casket, just her urn. The family came in last and took their seats. I was crying again as were a lot of those in attendance. Mom passes Kleenex to Casey, Shannon and I.

The service starts and at one point, people are encouraged to stand up and share something about Pam. Here is where the tears really started again, hearing all the nice kind words through choked back tears.  Now the grandchildren all go up and the older ones all read a passage from the bible. I actually didn’t cry for this. They were all so brave up there and I was really impressed. Next Jennie and her siblings all take turns talking about their mom.

As I am typing this, I am tearing up. Can you say BIG cry baby!! I had to get more Kleenex.  The service continues on and all the while I am thinking to myself how will I handle it when one of my parents dies. Not very well I imagine. I will not be able to hold back the tears when people approach me to talk about them and provide hugs for comfort. Or will I be so numb that I will hold it together for the hours of mourning with everyone?  I can tell you that my siblings may be able to get up and talk about them but I will not. Not because I don’t want to, but because I am very fearful when it comes to speaking in front of people. Especially when I have to I speak very quickly.  Plus, with the fact that I will be crying uncontrollably, you wouldn’t be able to understand a word I said anyway.  We all grieve in our own ways, and my way is to cry through it!

Panda Express – No Dry Fried Rice For You! – By René



Neither Scott or I were feeling well the other evening (and certainly did not feel like fixing dinner), so I decided to pick-up Panda Express for us to eat.

When I walked into the restaurant, there was no-one else in line.  Suddenly, I looked to my left and there stood this young teenage girl.  Since I was still trying to figure out what to order, I went ahead and let her go in front of me.

In a very low voice, she said that she now wanted noodles.  When the server asked what was wrong with the rice, she said “I didn’t like it…it was too dry.”

I found that pretty amusing, as I had been looking at the fried rice and thought how moist and scrumptious it looked and couldn’t wait to get some.

The server went ahead and gave the girl some noodles.  She took her plate and then hurriedly walked away.  I am not even sure if she said “thank you.”

As I step up to place my order, the server asks what I would like to have.  I said, “fried rice please.”

And with a little smirk, the server says, “Wait…let me stir this up for you so you don’t get any dry fried rice.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Good one!”  She just grinned right back at me!

Needless to say…..our dinner was excellent!

Casey Illinois – Worlds Largest 4th of July

Casey 1


So…for the 4th of July Holiday week-end….Mom, René and I headed over to Casey Illinois!!!

Now you may be asking yourselves…why Casey, Illinois!?  Well…it is quickly becoming the home of the World’s Largest Everything!!

Now…on our way there…we stopped by Boot City in Terre Haute to see a really large yellow boot!  Kinda disappointed!  Hoped that the rest of the day wasn’t a bust!!!

Boot City 1


When we got to Casey…we were NOT disappointed!  It is living up to its reputation!!

First…the Worlds Largest Wind Chime!!!   So freaking cool!!!  And….you can walk up….pull a chord….and hear the bells toll!!!

Wind Chime 1 Wind Chime 2 Wind Chime 3


After checking out the Wind Chime….next door was the Whitling Whimsy!!  A very nice little restaurant with apple crumble pie that is to die for!!   And although they make no claim to it….I think they have the Worlds Largest Collection of items that start with the letter “W” inside!!

Whitling Whimsy 1


Right across the street from the Wind Chime and the Whitling Whimsy….is the Worlds Largest Rocking Chair (well….the base of it actually…as it isn’t quite done yet)

Rocking Chair 1


Just a hop…skip….and a jump from there….is the Worlds Largest Golf Tee!!

Golf Tee 1 Golf Tee 2


Now…the City of Casey also has the Worlds Largest Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook….but unfortunately we weren’t able to see those today (except through a window)!  The creator of all of these awesome Landmarks/Attractions is working on developing even more Worlds Largest items to add to the collection.

Then after eating a wonderful meal at Richards Restaurant (with a breaded tenderloin sandwich which was da BOMB)….we headed back to Indy to have a nice quiet evening watching the Fireworks on the BIG SCREEN TV.  Not the worlds largest TV…just the one in the Hotel!

It honestly…was a great 4th of July….and….I think Mom had a GREAT time!!!

Frat 1