Panda Express – No Dry Fried Rice For You! – By René



Neither Scott or I were feeling well the other evening (and certainly did not feel like fixing dinner), so I decided to pick-up Panda Express for us to eat.

When I walked into the restaurant, there was no-one else in line.  Suddenly, I looked to my left and there stood this young teenage girl.  Since I was still trying to figure out what to order, I went ahead and let her go in front of me.

In a very low voice, she said that she now wanted noodles.  When the server asked what was wrong with the rice, she said “I didn’t like it…it was too dry.”

I found that pretty amusing, as I had been looking at the fried rice and thought how moist and scrumptious it looked and couldn’t wait to get some.

The server went ahead and gave the girl some noodles.  She took her plate and then hurriedly walked away.  I am not even sure if she said “thank you.”

As I step up to place my order, the server asks what I would like to have.  I said, “fried rice please.”

And with a little smirk, the server says, “Wait…let me stir this up for you so you don’t get any dry fried rice.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Good one!”  She just grinned right back at me!

Needless to say…..our dinner was excellent!


2 thoughts on “Panda Express – No Dry Fried Rice For You! – By René

  1. Oh wow, I’m pretty sure I would have started laughing at the girl. I am amused very easily and for someone to be upset about dried rice…well that’s like getting upset because there’s green things in your salad!

    • Oh God! Not green things in the salad! Shoot me now!! LOL

      I totally agree with you though! It is crazy how people can get upset about the littlest things!

      Thanks for the comment!

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