Cops! Bad Boys…Bad Boys!! – By Scott



On my way to Richmond the other week-end to see my Mom, I was driving along 465 around Indy to catch I-70, when all of a sudden I started having a coughing fit!  Luckily, I was able to not hit any of the cars around me or careen off of the road into a ditch, but I will admit I was swerving the car quite a bit.   Fortunately, the coughing did not last long.  I went about another mile on 465 and then took my ramp to get onto I-70.  That is when I saw the flashing red and blue lights of the Indiana State Trooper behind me.  I was really close to the next exit, so I pulled off the exit and into the parking lot of a hotel.


I sat in my car nervously, as I was not quite sure what I was being pulled over for.  Eventually, the trooper walked up to my window and asked to see my license and registration.  I grabbed them and politely handed them through the window.  He went back to his car for a few minutes and then made his way back up to me.

He looked at me suspiciously and then asked me why I had been swerving the car back on 465.  I explained to him that I was sick and that I had a coughing spell, but that I was doing better at the moment.  That is when he spotted the big white unmarked box sitting on the passenger seat next to me.  “What’s in the box,” he asked?  I said, “Oh, those are the hot-pads that my mom makes to sell.”  Without even thinking about it (and I am sure glad that I didn’t get shot for doing this) I grabbed the box and flipped open the lid to show him.

Sitting on top of the box were the Patriotic Red, White and Blue hot-pads that mom had recently made.  He seemed excited.  “Can I see that one,” he asked?   So I handed him the hot-pad through the window and he started looking at it with such amazement.  “This is so cool.  How much are they,” he inquired?  I told him how much we sold them for and he said, “Hang on, I will be right back.”


A few moments later he was standing at my window telling me that he was sorry that he didn’t have change, but that he would like to buy the two patriotic ones.  “Those will look really good in the break room back at the station,” he said.  So, I handed him his change, his two hot-pads and thanked him for his business.

Now, he did tell me to be more careful, but the purchase was pretty much the end of my “COPS” encounter!!

So whatcha gonna do when they come for you!????  Sell them some hot-pads!!!



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