Our Love Artwork – Stolen By Scott

Our Love


Halloween Decorations – By Scott

Since “moving in” was so close to Halloween this year….we didn’t really have time to decorate for Halloween.

But I am hoping that maybe next year we will be able to go ALL OUT and put up some really fun decorations.

The one thing we did this year???  Well….Check this out!!!!

Halloween 1

Why Do Donuts Have Holes – By Scott



So….for some odd reason….this morning I woke up wondering why Donuts have holes in them.

It could be because the majority of my dreams include donuts (don’t judge me) or it could be that I passed a neat little donut shop on my way to work yesterday that I just noticed for the first time ever.

No matter what the reason (going with the dream theory), I decided to Google it this morning and this is the answer I found:

The doughnut didn’t always have a hole! These round, flat, fried cakes were once filled, with soggy centers. At least, that’s the way they were eaten when early Dutch settlers brought them to Colonial America. 

Then in 1847, a 15-year-old boy, Hanson Crockett Gregory, was in the kitchen of his Rockport, Maine, home watching his mother make these fried cakes. When he asked her why the centers were so soggy and uncooked that they gave him indigestion, she didn’t have the answer for him.

So Hanson took some of the uncooked cakes and poked out the centers with a fork. This time when his mother fried them, they were delicious, for the hole let the dough cook more thoroughly, making the cakes much easier to digest.

Today, doughnut makers put their dough into special machines that punch out the centers. The dough is then cooked in a vat of boiling oil until it is a puffy, crisp doughnut.

And the house in Rockport, Maine, where Hanson Crockett Gregory was born, bears a plaque commemorating the day that a boy invented a hole!

So they can be plucked from the hot oil with a rod. Another reason is that the heat can be distributed evenly.”

Now…this sounds very logical….but I do think that I will go with one of my own theories that I once developed after a very satisfying dream.

If you are walking around naked….you can carry two cups of coffee….and a few donuts….all at the same time.   (Ok…maybe just one donut.  Like I said though….don ‘t judge me).

Time for a REAL haircut – By Scott



So…..for the past 12 years or so….I have cut my own hair.

The main reason I was doing this, was because I seriously got tired of paying about $10.00 every 3 weeks when I could buy hair trimmers for about $20.00 and do it myself.

That was a lot of money saved!!!

However, the process for cutting my own hair involved me stripping down to my skivvies, plugging the trimmers into an extension cord (which then plugged into the wall) because that was the only way it would reach, climbing in the bathtub and then hope to God that the guard didn’t fall off with me ending up having multiple bald spots.

And let’s not even discuss how much work it is to clean up all that hair afterwards!  I mean….I always felt bad that René had to do that!  LOL

Honestly….the money saved was awesome…..but I am getting old….and more bald…..and climbing in and out of the tub is harder than it should be.   So……last night…..for the first time in about 12 years…..I went and had my hair cut.

We headed over to Great Clips….which is really close to our home.

The experience was amazing!   I only had to wait a few minutes to even get to the fun swivel chair!!  And now that Great Clips has their own mobile app….I can schedule ahead so I don’t have to wait at all!  WOO HOO

The nice lady asked me what I wanted….and “to get my hair cut” was not a good enough answer for her….so I said, “I know there isn’t much there to work with….so do whatever you want!”   I think she was more excited at that point than I was.

She said, “Ok….I won’t make you look stupid….I promise.”  And I believed her!

We chatted for a while during the haircut…when I was not napping (I told her that getting my haircut makes me relaxed and sleepy…..which she thought must have been hilarious when I was cutting my own hair).  She was very friendly and let me know what she was doing the whole time.

I was very pleased with the results….so she said she would enter into the computer what she did for me….so whoever got me next time could do the same cut.  She did say that if I had not liked the cut, she would have entered “Do not do the same cut….try something else.”   LOL

So overall….the experience was great….and I will be going back to visit them every 3 weeks or so.

The only thing I have to remember next time….is that I don’t have to strip down to my skivvies before I climb into the chair!

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