It’s Christmas Time….and I am in LOVE!


So….it is CHRISTMAS COOKIE baking time at the Booker Household…..and you know what that means!?

Scott is going to be STRESSED OUT!  I love baking cookies for my family and friends…but for some reason….something weird or strange happens with every batch I bake.

It can be a cookie that I have made 100 times before….and something will happen that is totally out of the norm.  And this year….I have a different oven I am using.

Fortunately….my mom said, “why don’t you use parchment paper?”

Well…I never thought about using it?

So…..I tried it out with my first two batches of cookies….and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This stuff ROCKS!!!!   No more having to grease cookie sheets….no more bottoms of cookies burning….no more cookies exploding and rendering the oven worthless!!!  (Ok…that never happened….but still)

I will say, that for some reason, my peanut butter cookies don’t look the same….but they still taste amazing (if I do say so myself).

So to all you little kids out there NOT using parchment paper!?  I say to you….”WHY NOT!?”


Now….time to go bake some more!!!

Merry Ho Ho!




4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time….and I am in LOVE!

  1. You obviously do not watch The Cooking Channel or The Food Network. You need to watch those channels.You could learn so much more about baking and cooking.Everybody uses parchment paper on those channels! 😀

    • YES! Those cooking shows are addictive.I can’t stop watching them! In fact I’m watching them right now.This chef is cooking a yummy beef roast stuffed with garlic for Christmas dinner.The next show is about Christmas cookies and cakes.And the one after after that……help me…….I can’t stop!!!

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