The Adventures of Gnorman Booker #1

Let me tell you a little story….and don’t chuckle just because I said a “little” story and that it’s me saying it.  Honestly, Gnomes do not like short jokes!  We have heard them all!  At least all the ones that have made their way down to our ears!

Anyway….this story starts off with me and my twin brother Gbob.  Now a few years ago, my brother Gbob wondered out of the Land of the Gnomes and made his way to the grand city of Indianapolis, Indiana.    He was so excited when he got there.  He told me about the International Motor Speedway, the Art Museums, the great dining establishments and all the other things that were filled with such wonderment!

But then one day, the evil ruler of the Land of Travelocity came across Gbob and snatched him up and took him to this huge warehouse.  Within the confines of this warehouse were thousands of other Gnomes that had been brought here.  They all sat in their little box houses, completely stone faced.  Gbob started to freak out.  Fortunately, Gbob had remembered to take his g-phone with him and called me as soon as he had a chance.

Without a seconds hesitation (well…actually I stopped and ate lunch first…as it isn’t wise to travel on an empty stomach) I headed out on a rescue mission to save my brother.  A couple of years later, I finally made my way to Indianapolis.  (It seriously is hard to get anywhere quickly when your feet are embedded in concrete)

I made my way to the evil Land of Travelocity and scoped out the warehouse.  There wasn’t much security, and I felt like sneaking in would be pretty easy (especially since I would blend right in with all the other Gnomes).  With my Gnomey stealth like moves, I wobbled my way inside.  Now, time to find my brother.

Before I knew what was happening though, a human picked me up and said, “How did you get out of your box?”   As he carried me, I noticed that there were shelves and shelves just lined with little box houses.  Eventually, he stopped and dropped me into one of those boxes.  Behind me, I heard a faint little whisper, “Gnorman, is that you?”   I spun around and standing there was Gbob.

We hugged!  We cried!  We laughed!  It was just so wonderful seeing each other again!  Then he started to tell me about the crazy things that happened in the evil Land of Travelocity.  With fear in his eyes, he told me how every day, humans would come out into the warehouse, wrap Gnomes in bubble wrap and then ship us out to other humans.  “What do you suppose they do with us,” I asked?  “I don’t know,” he replied, “but they never come back.”

We had no idea how long we were going to be stuck here, so we made our little box house as cozy as possible; which was really hard to do since we had nothing but these giant white Styrofoam pillows that were just scattered all about the warehouse.

A few months passed by before the dreaded day came.  A human came to our little home, picked us both up, and said, “Perfect!  These two will do just fine.”   He carried us over to a little table, wrapped us in bubble wrap, shoved us in a box and that is when it all went dark.  I could hear Gbob trying to speak beside me, but the bubble wrap was muffling the words.  After a few seconds, I could tell we were moving again, but to where?


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