All About Scott

ScottFun1My name is Scott Booker.

I was born in 1972 in Richmond Indiana.

My first kiss (that I remember) was with Pamela Ralston on the way home from a Christmas Party put on by my Orthodontist.

My first pet(s) were two goldfish I won at the school carnival.  I named them Duke and Chumley.  I think they lived for 3 days.

My first job was delivering the Graphic, a local newspaper.  My first real job was working at TCBY yogurt.

I love Pizza and McDonalds.

I love my awesome wife – René.  She puts up with me and accepts me for the freak that I am.


Now that we have the important stuff out of the way….here are a few more tidbits about me:


I think I have sexy feet….but no-one ever sees them.

I have the ability to eat 5 times the suggested serving size of most food.

I am really good at organizing stuff, even when it’s not my stuff

I can fold my tongue over backwards

I have been told I do a great impersonation of Yoda and Fozzie Bear – not at the same time though – that would sound like Chewbacca

I have mastered 130 levels of Candy Crush

I have the entire McDonalds Menu Board memorized

Encountered and had interactions with a ghost/spirit – not sure which

I can juggle for 4 seconds straight

Angry Birds don’t scare me

I once hit on Mary Poppins while on my Honeymoon to Disney

I have been known to play well with others, as long as they let me win

Once played Rock Paper Scissors with myself for over an hour


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