How do we know…..



***one day…I was sitting at work when a really nice email popped up on my screen from René.  It was the top part of this blog post.  So….I of course….had to reply (the bottom part)***


How do I know he loves me…

Because he greets me with a kiss when I get home even if it interrupts his slot game

Because he gives me the side way look with a grin when I say something silly because he knows it will make me giggle even more

Because he loves me even with my mood swings

Because he tries to always make me smile

Because he says he loves me many times a day and always means it

Because he listens when I need to complain or vent about something

Because he loves movies as much as I do and when we go to the movies lets me eat as much movie butter popcorn as I want and never judges

Because he loves me for who I am not for who he thinks I should be

Because he always kisses me goodnight


How do I know she loves me….

Because she lets me sleep on her lap, even though she has to pee and can’t get up

Because she kills all the spiders and bugs and does not judge me when I scream like a girl when I see them

Because she fixes me dinner and does all the dishes

Because she laughs at my jokes even when she doesn’t get them or think they are funny

Because she calls me every morning when she gets to work, even though we have nothing yet to talk about

Because she lets me play my computer games to unwind after work

Because she thinks I love her even when she is having her mood swings!

Because she will laugh at what I have written and know that I love her unconditionally because she is who she is


Panda Express – No Dry Fried Rice For You! – By René



Neither Scott or I were feeling well the other evening (and certainly did not feel like fixing dinner), so I decided to pick-up Panda Express for us to eat.

When I walked into the restaurant, there was no-one else in line.  Suddenly, I looked to my left and there stood this young teenage girl.  Since I was still trying to figure out what to order, I went ahead and let her go in front of me.

In a very low voice, she said that she now wanted noodles.  When the server asked what was wrong with the rice, she said “I didn’t like it…it was too dry.”

I found that pretty amusing, as I had been looking at the fried rice and thought how moist and scrumptious it looked and couldn’t wait to get some.

The server went ahead and gave the girl some noodles.  She took her plate and then hurriedly walked away.  I am not even sure if she said “thank you.”

As I step up to place my order, the server asks what I would like to have.  I said, “fried rice please.”

And with a little smirk, the server says, “Wait…let me stir this up for you so you don’t get any dry fried rice.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Good one!”  She just grinned right back at me!

Needless to say…..our dinner was excellent!

My BMV Experience – By René


I want to tell you about my BMV experience I had yesterday because….get this….it really made my day!

When I changed my name on my driver’s license, I neglected to change it on the car registration and title. Not sure why that didn’t occur to me at the time but oh well. I was starting to get worried when I didn’t receive anything in the mail about my plates especially after my sister Casey was talking about how much she just spent on their plates so I decided I better go to the license branch and get it all taken care of.

They are closed on Mondays and open late on Tuesday, so I figured Tuesday would be the day to go and I wouldn’t have to take off work. I was expecting this huge long wait when I got there but to my great surprise, when I clicked on the screen to get the next available ticket, I got 513. The screen also tells you what number is up and it was 512!!!  Not a long wait after all.

The lady at the number 1 station called me up and I can’t remember her name (if she told me), but wish I could so I could let them know that she was the friendliest, nicest person I have ever encountered at the BMV. She got my name changed on the car registration and title, gave me the temporary paper for my registration, took my payment and provided me the month and day sticker for my plates in about 10 minutes time! It was just a fabulous experience!!!

Scott’s Been Talking In His Sleep – By René



June 5, 2014

Last night while I sat on the couch watching some TV after an evening of fun (which included geocaching, shopping and dinner), Scott fell asleep. After a while he started talking about geocaching. Since I thought he was awake, I thought he was talking about what we had done that night, but quickly realized that he was actually still asleep. But that doesn’t stop him from talking! Sometimes he even answers me while he does this; so you can see why I would be confused as to whether he was awake or asleep!

Here is how our “conversation” went:


Scott – “Look at this cache container.”    (Said with much amazement!)

Me – “What is it?”

Scott – “An awesome cache container, do you see it? Look inside!”

Me – “What’s inside?”

Scott – “I don’t know but it’s just so awesome! It is just so awesome!!!”


And with that…he drifted back off to Dream World!