The Adventures of Gnorman Booker #2

Part 2

The next time we saw light, was the day that we met Scott and René.

We had no idea where we were, but we noticed that we had stopped moving and had been sitting still in the box for a little while.  The trip here had been a very bumpy and very scary one, but we made it alive and that was the important thing.  Not knowing what was going to happen next, however, was very disconcerting.

A short while later, we felt the box being picked up yet again; but this time it was different.  We were turned one way and then the next (over and over) and finally after hearing this horrible ripping noise, we saw the light!  Through the bubble wrap, I saw a hand reach in like a human claw machine and pull Gbob out of the box.  Seconds later, the hand reached back in and pulled me out as well.

We were still wrapped in the bubble wrap, but we were now lying on a table in what appeared to be a home.  I could see two humans hovering over us talking, but I could not make out what they were saying.  Then, the male human picked up a knife and grabbed Gbob off the table.  Forgetting that humans can’t hear Gnomish (the official language of Gnomes), I tried to scream, but the sound fell on silent ears.  But in watching the male human carefully use the knife to slit the tape holding the bubble wrap together, and then gently unwrap Gbob and place him carefully onto the table, a sense of relief washed over me.  The male human then picked me up and did the exact same thing.

Their faces were so happy and kind as they looked down upon us.  Any fear that had been building up inside us washed away.  They leaned down to us, and the female said, “They are so cute.”  “I wonder what their names are,” asked the male.  “I don’t know,” said the female, “but we should at least introduce ourselves to them.”  And with that, the male human told us his name was Scott and the female human told us that her name was René.  They welcomed us to their home and told us that we were going to be joining them on their adventures together.  And that is how we became a part of their family.  LETS PARTY!!!!


The Adventures of Gnorman Booker #1

Let me tell you a little story….and don’t chuckle just because I said a “little” story and that it’s me saying it.  Honestly, Gnomes do not like short jokes!  We have heard them all!  At least all the ones that have made their way down to our ears!

Anyway….this story starts off with me and my twin brother Gbob.  Now a few years ago, my brother Gbob wondered out of the Land of the Gnomes and made his way to the grand city of Indianapolis, Indiana.    He was so excited when he got there.  He told me about the International Motor Speedway, the Art Museums, the great dining establishments and all the other things that were filled with such wonderment!

But then one day, the evil ruler of the Land of Travelocity came across Gbob and snatched him up and took him to this huge warehouse.  Within the confines of this warehouse were thousands of other Gnomes that had been brought here.  They all sat in their little box houses, completely stone faced.  Gbob started to freak out.  Fortunately, Gbob had remembered to take his g-phone with him and called me as soon as he had a chance.

Without a seconds hesitation (well…actually I stopped and ate lunch first…as it isn’t wise to travel on an empty stomach) I headed out on a rescue mission to save my brother.  A couple of years later, I finally made my way to Indianapolis.  (It seriously is hard to get anywhere quickly when your feet are embedded in concrete)

I made my way to the evil Land of Travelocity and scoped out the warehouse.  There wasn’t much security, and I felt like sneaking in would be pretty easy (especially since I would blend right in with all the other Gnomes).  With my Gnomey stealth like moves, I wobbled my way inside.  Now, time to find my brother.

Before I knew what was happening though, a human picked me up and said, “How did you get out of your box?”   As he carried me, I noticed that there were shelves and shelves just lined with little box houses.  Eventually, he stopped and dropped me into one of those boxes.  Behind me, I heard a faint little whisper, “Gnorman, is that you?”   I spun around and standing there was Gbob.

We hugged!  We cried!  We laughed!  It was just so wonderful seeing each other again!  Then he started to tell me about the crazy things that happened in the evil Land of Travelocity.  With fear in his eyes, he told me how every day, humans would come out into the warehouse, wrap Gnomes in bubble wrap and then ship us out to other humans.  “What do you suppose they do with us,” I asked?  “I don’t know,” he replied, “but they never come back.”

We had no idea how long we were going to be stuck here, so we made our little box house as cozy as possible; which was really hard to do since we had nothing but these giant white Styrofoam pillows that were just scattered all about the warehouse.

A few months passed by before the dreaded day came.  A human came to our little home, picked us both up, and said, “Perfect!  These two will do just fine.”   He carried us over to a little table, wrapped us in bubble wrap, shoved us in a box and that is when it all went dark.  I could hear Gbob trying to speak beside me, but the bubble wrap was muffling the words.  After a few seconds, I could tell we were moving again, but to where?

World Kindness Day – My Wife


Today is National World Kindness Day….

So I just want to send a SHOUT OUT to the love of my life…and my absolute best friend.

She is one of the kindest, most caring, compassionate persons I have ever known.  How I got lucky enough to snag her…I have no idea.

But she cares so much for EVERYONE and would literally give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.  (maybe not in public…but you know)

Anyway….RENE….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!   Thank you for being you!!!

Rene’s Driving…


So…one of the things that I hate the most about Menieres, is that I am no longer able to drive.  I LOVED TO DRIVE!  There were times that I was happy that I didn’t have to (usually when I was asleep) but for the most part…I wanted to do the driving.

Now, it was recently brought to my attention (from my Mom) that I should appreciate the fact that she and Rene are willing to drive me around…and that I should quit being a backseat driver.

And although this is true…there are stories folks!  Stories about her driving that would scare a ghost from haunting their own home.  And Rene would be the first to admit this.  Well…maybe second after me.  LOL  But I do appreciate the fact that she is willing to drive me everywhere…just like I know that she appreciates me being “The Automatic Warning System” in the car since we can’t afford a fancy one that is like a psychic robot on wheels.

Never-the-less…I came across the above photo…and it “spoke to me” in a way that just felt right!  Like I should post it!  Like I should take the chance of pissing off my wonderful wife who does everything for me. Because no matter what…I always speak the truth!  LOL

Catch You In The Backseat!




Now…I know that I snore….

But MAN….does René have a set of pipes on her when she is asleep!

And right now…she is using a CPAP machine…so I know that her snoring cannot be helped…So I do feel bad posting the above quote.

Yea….no I don’t!


René Does Yoga


So…for awhile now…René has been going to Yoga classes with her sister Casey.  There have even been times when she has gone by herself.

I am totally impressed with her about this!  This is not something I think I could ever do.  I do not have the patience or the attitude to do yoga…even if I was healthy enough to do it.  And I think it has had a really good positive affect on her.

Not only physically…but mentally.  She not even has a sign next to the bed that says “Start each day with a grateful heart.”  Now…this is someone who wakes up on the wrong side of bed….every day of her life!  NOT A MORNING PERSON…if you catch my drift.  But since starting yoga…she has truly improved her morning attitude.

And the other day…she took a bad spill outside hitting the concrete really hard (bad abrasion and concussion – had to go to the ER)…but while waiting for her mom to come get her…she used her Yoga breathing techniques to calm herself down.  AWESOME!  I am just so proud!

Now…I still give her a hard time about some of the names of the poses, etc.  Doggie Style and Xena Warrior Princess and what not…but I truly am so proud of her!

Unfortunately…I don’t get to go see her in action…and it is hard for to show me the poses and workout routines here in the house….so I found the following…and this is what I imagine every time I know she is at Yoga….


Did I mention I was proud of her???   Still won’t keep me from getting in trouble!  LOL

But that is my job in the relationship!  LOL  Why do you think she needs to go to Yoga!?

National Spouse’s Day!


January 26 is Spouse’s Day, a day to celebrate your spouse, better half, or significant other. The unofficial holiday encourages people to let their spouses know how much they are loved, respected, and appreciated.


Not Only Marriage

While the term spouse is traditionally used to refer to individual bound by law through marriage, these days it can be used to refer to people who may be in a common-law marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union.

The holiday is also known as National Spouse’s Day in the United States.

How to Celebrate?

  • While gifts are always nice, the best and the most meaningful gift is the gift of time. Spend some quality time with your partner. Maybe take the day off and surprise them with a picnic.
  • Do their errands and chores for them.
  • Make their favorite foods and treats.
  • Whatever you do, make sure you tell them that you appreciate everything they do for you.

Did You Know…

…that Denmark was the first country in modern times to recognize same-sex marriage in 1989?