I know….I know….

I have been very lackadaisical when it comes to posting on this blog!

But I have an excuse!!  René and I have been sooooo busy!

First….we have shooting our own VIDEO for “All About That Bass” that took up seconds…if not minutes of our past few months!!

(Exclusive first look of video below)

secure_load_image (2)


Then….on top of that….we decided to participate in the local theater’s production of GREASE!  I mean…come on….it is THE WORD!!

And…we scored the LEAD roles!  How Cool is that!?

secure_load_image (1)


Lastly…with all that going on….we needed to spend some quality time together eating snacks and watching some TV….



So that is all for now….but stay tuned!!   There is MORE to come…

Including pictures of the fun time we had this past week-end at the POLAR PLUNGE at Eagle Creek Park in Indy – raising money for Special Olympics!

HAVE A HAPPY DAY!   You know we are!

It’s Christmas Time….and I am in LOVE!


So….it is CHRISTMAS COOKIE baking time at the Booker Household…..and you know what that means!?

Scott is going to be STRESSED OUT!  I love baking cookies for my family and friends…but for some reason….something weird or strange happens with every batch I bake.

It can be a cookie that I have made 100 times before….and something will happen that is totally out of the norm.  And this year….I have a different oven I am using.

Fortunately….my mom said, “why don’t you use parchment paper?”

Well…I never thought about using it?

So…..I tried it out with my first two batches of cookies….and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This stuff ROCKS!!!!   No more having to grease cookie sheets….no more bottoms of cookies burning….no more cookies exploding and rendering the oven worthless!!!  (Ok…that never happened….but still)

I will say, that for some reason, my peanut butter cookies don’t look the same….but they still taste amazing (if I do say so myself).

So to all you little kids out there NOT using parchment paper!?  I say to you….”WHY NOT!?”


Now….time to go bake some more!!!

Merry Ho Ho!



How do we know…..



***one day…I was sitting at work when a really nice email popped up on my screen from René.  It was the top part of this blog post.  So….I of course….had to reply (the bottom part)***


How do I know he loves me…

Because he greets me with a kiss when I get home even if it interrupts his slot game

Because he gives me the side way look with a grin when I say something silly because he knows it will make me giggle even more

Because he loves me even with my mood swings

Because he tries to always make me smile

Because he says he loves me many times a day and always means it

Because he listens when I need to complain or vent about something

Because he loves movies as much as I do and when we go to the movies lets me eat as much movie butter popcorn as I want and never judges

Because he loves me for who I am not for who he thinks I should be

Because he always kisses me goodnight


How do I know she loves me….

Because she lets me sleep on her lap, even though she has to pee and can’t get up

Because she kills all the spiders and bugs and does not judge me when I scream like a girl when I see them

Because she fixes me dinner and does all the dishes

Because she laughs at my jokes even when she doesn’t get them or think they are funny

Because she calls me every morning when she gets to work, even though we have nothing yet to talk about

Because she lets me play my computer games to unwind after work

Because she thinks I love her even when she is having her mood swings!

Because she will laugh at what I have written and know that I love her unconditionally because she is who she is

Our First Project – The Laundry Room



So….now that we are moved in and almost settled….I decided that my first project was going to be the Laundry Room.  After making sure that the color scheme and layout was going to be pleasing to everyone….I jumped right in!

Of course….there was some cleaning to do….some organizing to do….some shopping to do….etc.

But then came the hard part – there were some screws anchored into the wall that I could not get out.  So….Casey (Rene’s sister) came to the rescue.  Of course…by the time she was done….there were some HOLES in the wall that I needed to mend.  So I learned to spackle and fixed those up. (Starting to feel like such a man….except that I had to have the woman take the screws out of the walls)  LOL

Then it was time to paint!  The pictures below show the colors that I picked but it does not do it justice quite yet.  I ran two strips of blue tape all around the wall….so there will be this awesome white stripe between the green and the blue.  Plus…I have a couple of neat ideas on how to organize the room that are not quite done yet either.   But these pics will give you the general idea!  I will post pics of the completed project later!!!  Scott

Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 3

Painting 4

Painting 5

Halloween Decorations – By Scott

Since “moving in” was so close to Halloween this year….we didn’t really have time to decorate for Halloween.

But I am hoping that maybe next year we will be able to go ALL OUT and put up some really fun decorations.

The one thing we did this year???  Well….Check this out!!!!

Halloween 1

Why Do Donuts Have Holes – By Scott



So….for some odd reason….this morning I woke up wondering why Donuts have holes in them.

It could be because the majority of my dreams include donuts (don’t judge me) or it could be that I passed a neat little donut shop on my way to work yesterday that I just noticed for the first time ever.

No matter what the reason (going with the dream theory), I decided to Google it this morning and this is the answer I found:

The doughnut didn’t always have a hole! These round, flat, fried cakes were once filled, with soggy centers. At least, that’s the way they were eaten when early Dutch settlers brought them to Colonial America. 

Then in 1847, a 15-year-old boy, Hanson Crockett Gregory, was in the kitchen of his Rockport, Maine, home watching his mother make these fried cakes. When he asked her why the centers were so soggy and uncooked that they gave him indigestion, she didn’t have the answer for him.

So Hanson took some of the uncooked cakes and poked out the centers with a fork. This time when his mother fried them, they were delicious, for the hole let the dough cook more thoroughly, making the cakes much easier to digest.

Today, doughnut makers put their dough into special machines that punch out the centers. The dough is then cooked in a vat of boiling oil until it is a puffy, crisp doughnut.

And the house in Rockport, Maine, where Hanson Crockett Gregory was born, bears a plaque commemorating the day that a boy invented a hole!

So they can be plucked from the hot oil with a rod. Another reason is that the heat can be distributed evenly.”

Now…this sounds very logical….but I do think that I will go with one of my own theories that I once developed after a very satisfying dream.

If you are walking around naked….you can carry two cups of coffee….and a few donuts….all at the same time.   (Ok…maybe just one donut.  Like I said though….don ‘t judge me).