The Hoosier 40

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First, let me introduce ourselves.  We are Scott & René Booker and we hail from the great city of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Scott works for Herff Jones, Inc. and René works for Kiwanis International.  We have been together for 13 years now…going on 3 as a happily married couple.  We both have our share of hobbies and things we like to do on our own.  For example, René loves doing crafts, making jewelry, reading books, etc.  Scott…well he likes to do pretty much anything that involves food but aspires to be a Teller of Tales (or writer). Now even though we both have our own things we love to do…we also love exploring new and wonderful places and things.

So, while Scott was driving back home from his hometown of Richmond, Indiana one night after spending the week-end at his mom’s house, he had to take a little detour off of Interstate 70 (the route he normally takes) and drive from Richmond to Greenfield on US Highway 40.  It was on this drive that the beginning of “The Hoosier 40” began to take shape.

Scott was thoroughly enjoying his drive; admiring the sites along this stretch of road that he seldom got to see.  Thinking about all the cool history that US Highway 40 used to possess and all the great things it still offers, he started to think about how cool it would be to write a book about the history of US 40 in the state of Indiana.  But why stop there??  Why not include all the interesting facts and places that are still part of this amazing highway.  Why not make this book an all inclusive repertoire of the past, present and future of US Highway 40 in Indiana.

He picked up his cell phone to call René and said, “How would you like to write a book with me?”  She quickly said, “but you are the writer, not me.”  So after some discussion on how he can write, how she can research, and how together they can combine it all to make this wonderful book….the idea was set in motion.

Now….how to take this idea and make it a reality…..

Feel free to follow the progress of this book at the following link.  We hope to have this available on Amazon sometime 2017.

The Hoosier 40 Official Site